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Henderson Preteen Builds App for Lazy Husbands

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Ethan Duggan, 12, launched an app last week for lazy husbands everywhere. Ethan Duggan, 12, launched an app last week for lazy husbands everywhere.
Ethan Duggan demonstrates his app, Lazy Husband. Ethan Duggan demonstrates his app, Lazy Husband.

AUSTIN, Texas -- Ethan Duggan is lazy. So lazy, in fact, the sixth grader at Bob Miller Middle School developed an app to make it easier for men to tell the women in their lives that, yes, dear, you look lovely tonight.

Calling the phone application Lazy Husband, the 12-year-old from Henderson, Nev., said he was tired of always replying to his mother's questions of how she looked in an outfit, he came up with common phrases that, with a touch of the screen, can tell his mother, "You look amazing today."

"I was playing on my phone, not really caring, and so she goes into her room, tries it on, comes out and asks, ‘How do I look?'" Ethan said. "I said, ‘You look great,' not paying attention. She does this a couple times, and I'm thinking, ‘Hmm, I hold in my hand a smartphone.'

"And so I pull it out, record a couple phrases, and whenever she asks it, I just hold it over my head and play the thing saying, ‘You look beautiful.'"

Ethan said he didn't know how to build an app, but after speaking with his father, signed up for code-writing classes.

Ethan asked his father for advice on what phrases to use. His mother, Marni Klein, said she doesn't take offense with his app.

"He was really bored out of his mind and wanted to play on his phone and watch TV," she said, adding that Ethan is an only child and her source for wardrobe approval.

"And then," Klein added, "the Lazy empire was born."

Rick Duggan, Ethan's father, voiced the responses. The app gives lazy husbands around the world to ability to record their own messages.

Woe be to the husband who uses the app to tell his wife, "I love you, too."

Ethan's so lazy, that he is putting the finishing touches on his sequel apps, Lazy Kid and Lazy Wife.

Phrases for Lazy Kid include, yes, I did my homework and I love you. Ethan said he is having a hard time coming up with common phrases that a wife might say to her husband.

And he's so lazy, that the boy who received his first computer at age 2, scored a pitch meeting with basketball legend Shaquille O' Neal while attending the South by Southwest Interactive Festival in Austin, Texas, on Sunday.

When asked how he plans to pitch to Shaq, he replied, "That is what I'm going to work on tonight."

Duggan said that while he and Klein support their son's venture into app development, school always comes first. The father and son are active in Las Vegas' tech scene and joined the estimated 150 members in Austin.

"We're very proud of him," Duggan said. "(We're) excited to be at South by Southwest. It's pretty crazy to have probably the youngest app developer launching his app here."

No, the kid's not lazy at all.

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