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Cool at School: Henderson Intl. School Recycling Program

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HENDERSON, Nev. - Bet you'd never guess what's inside Mrs. Tara Perez's file cabinets at Henderson International School. No student tests are in there - just piles and piles of recyclables. Additional piles line the corner of her classroom.

Perez, a math teacher, commands an impressive recycling effort at the school. "It was a little slow at first. My chip bag, it goes in there," she said.

Recycling bins can be found all over the school's campus, but this is just part of its recycling program.

Through an organization called TerraCycle, each recyclable earns points - which are converted into buying basic necessities for impoverished people around the world.

Learn More About TerraCycle

"We do units in each grade that deal with global issues, so we integrate it within our curriculum here," Perez said.

"When we're helping other people... that we're helping a lot more than we think we are," said eighth grader Francis Lu.

The erase board in Perez's classroom shows the program's progress: forty six meals provided, clean water for a year for 18 years and school supplies for five homeless teens.

All of the donations were provided thanks to recycling items such as empty potato chip bags.

"It's a really good thing to know you're helping (when you) put a chip bag in a basket," said eighth grader Antoniette Pontoni.

It's also What's Cool at School.

If you wish to nominate a program for What's Cool at School, visit our website or e-mail us. Each month, one of the programs featured will win $250. Go to our website and vote for the program you think should win.

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