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2/13/13 Ayana Loves Dress Up!

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Young girls like to "dress-up", and our 11-yr-old Wednesday's Child candidate today is no exception.   And where better to find "dress-up" than at a costume store.   Dave Courvoisier introduces us to Ayana.
Actually the never-ending aisles at the Halloween Mart might seem like a strange place to be in February, but Ayana was fascinated with the place...and tried on outfit

....after outfit

....after outfit

but even with all that... She has her sights set on ... Not a modeling career, but a very challenging future:

"I think she would like to have a family that has pets, she would love to have lots of pets she wants to be a veterinarian when she grows up," says Shannon, an adoption recruiter for DFS.

But to get there, she'll need lots of love and support.   I asked her if she understood why we were tagging along on this day:

Dave: did you know why we are here today with you?
Ayana: no
Dave: you know why you're on TV?
Ayana: because I'm Wednesday's Child
Dave: do you know what Wednesday's Child is?
Ayana: no
Dave: going to hope to find you an adoptive home
Ayana: uh-huh
Dave: would you like that?
Ayana: yeah!

"She's very independent she really knows her mind she really has some good solid ideas of what she wants in the future, she's very very smart, she's a great reader and she really, she's a lot of fun to talk to and to be with, she's got a lot of energy," says Shannon.

But like many foster children, Ayana may test her new family to make sure they're for real.

"You know I really think that she just has a lot to offer and I think said she just needs a good family that's willing to, as I said just really stick with her she's really going to challenge someone you know she's just not going to be that easy child it's just going to slide right in there, but I think if someone is able to and stick with her and really go through some of those rough spots and let her know that there with her no matter what, that she so worth it," adds Shannon.

Ayana has extended family in the area, and wants to stay in touch...so her adoptive family would have to honor that.   If you're interested in Ayana...please call the local office of the Adoption Exchange at 436-6335.

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