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Girlfriend: Killed Rapper 'Not a Pimp'

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LAS VEGAS -- Kenny Cherry Jr.'s loved ones said his name and reputation have been smeared in death since last week's shooting on the Las Vegas Strip killed three people.

Police sources have identified Cherry as a pimp, and as a direct result of an 8 News NOW report Monday, Cherry's girlfriend called a news conference to clear his name.

Cherry's past includes allegations of violence and pimping, but Cherry's girlfriend, May Hagos, said that's not the guy she knew.

Cherry, an aspiring rapper, portrayed the so-called gangsta lifestyle, driving an exotic Italian sports car up and down the Strip.

"A lot of people were jealous of him," Hagos said. "He was young, handsome, and he had a Maserati. Who would be jealous?"

Hagos, who just gave birth to Cherry's third child two months ago, called the news conference to set the record straight about law enforcement claims and media reports that Cherry was a pimp.

"He was not pimping out girls," she said.

Reporter: "Did he ever have contact or associations with prostitutes?"

Hagos: "Yes, he has."

Reporter: "Explain."

Hagos: "Well, Ken, you know, he does music, so all kinds of people come to his shows."

Hagos acknowledged the 8 News NOW report she was arrested in a prostitution sting in April 2010, but said Cherry never had a role in that.

"I was working independently," she said. "I didn't even know what I was doing. It was a mistake, obviously. I got busted."

8 News NOW also learned another woman, who also had a child by Cherry, said he beat her and forced her into prostitution.

Hagos said she believes the woman's claim is not true, and that the woman made up those claims because she was in a custody dispute with Cherry.

Court records show that woman is still a working girl, arrested most recently a week ago.

"I know this man inside and out," Hagos said. "He wasn't a pimp."

Hagos said she feels for the other two people killed that morning when Cherry's car crashed into a taxi cab that exploded, killing the driver and passenger. She said she wants justice served.

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