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Thieves Target Family's Home, Identities During Vacation

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LAS VEGAS - Cruising the Caribbean was a dream trip for the Ray family last August.

"We had a great time up to three days into it," Susan Ray said. "Then, we heard some pretty bad news."

While at port, they checked their e-mail and noticed an unusual activity warning from Bank of America.

"That kind of sent us into a tailspin," Chris Ray said.

Concerned, Chris called the bank and his in-laws, asking them to check on the house. That's when things turned from bad to worse.

The Rays discovered thieves ransacked their home and took everything. Even the cars parked in the garage were stolen. The family cut their trip short and came home to more problems.

"Online bank accounts being opened up under my wife's name, people trying to use my kids' Social Security numbers to open bank accounts," Chris said.

The thieves stole their Social Security cards, which were stored in a simple filing cabinet. The brazen criminals started pulling cash out of the Rays' accounts. Metro Police even caught some of the thieves on camera.

Police are still looking for the suspects, but did find the stolen cars and other items. The Rays, meanwhile, are urging others to protect themselves when leaving for vacation.

You can do that by putting your personal information in a safe or safety deposit box. File cabinets, even locked ones, are no match for a thief. Also, don't leave your itinerary lying around. That gives thieves more information.

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