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2/06/13 Joshua and Caleb Are Brothers in Search of Parents

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Wed's Child today introduces you to a pair of brothers.   They're bonded as one, but that doesn't make a family.   That's why we're hoping someone watching has a place for them at home

"We're back at Clay Arts Vegas where we met Elijah last week.

At the same table -- playing with the soft gray clay -- are brothers Joshua and Caleb.   We had to pry away Caleb's cell phone at first, but once he got his hands in the soft stuff, he took off with his own creation.

"Yes he is technology savvy he loves technology and one of the things I wanted to say is he loves those cell phones, loves music, dance I'm going to believe that he's going to have an interest in music," says Gina, who is one of the adoption recruiters at DFS.

Caleb is 8, and his 11-yr-old brother is more quiet and thoughtful.

"He's very reserved. He enjoys video games which allows him to be reserved! it takes him a while to warm up to you when he trusts you and were about to you he's just a sweet but he really is very cautious of people that he's interacting with," adds Gina.

These two have been in foster care too long -- about six years -- time for them to find the security of a real family.

"Yes a two parent home will be needed. One, is because we do need to people with the energy, so a two parent home is needed for these children… now we will take anything we can get, but if we do have a two parent home out there that feels that they have to love for children, that they can help get them to their potential," admits Gina.

And Joshua 'n' Caleb have tons of potential, with a family that can give them loads of love.

"Is way overdue. We definitely want them to have a family," says Gina.

Caleb and Joshua are free and clear for adoption.

If their story touches you, and there's room in your heart and home for this pair of brothers, please call the Las Vegas office of the Adoption Exchange at 436-6335.

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