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Rocky Mountain Gun Show Comes To South Point

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LAS VEGAS - Firearm and ammunition sales around the country are sky rocketing as the gun control debate rages on.

Organizers of a gun show at the South Point Casino are expecting record numbers this weekend They say about 190 vendors are there and they expect over 12,000 people before closing time Sunday.

Jim Sobczak came to the show for ammunition, but didn't want to wait in the 3 hour long line.

"Lot of panic buying," he said.

Before leaving Sobczak said he was against any increase in gun control regulation.

"That's not stopping the criminals now. They're still getting guns," he said. "So I don't think regulations are going to do it. They just have to figure out some other way to stop the people who are getting them illegally."

Owners of Rocky Mountain Gun Shows of Nevada say because criminals still get guns, they take precautions to keep non registered firearms out.

"Every gun that comes in from the public is going through Metro," said Rocky Mountain Gun Show Majority Owner Pam Haroni. "I mean, we're not just checking it to clear the ammo out of it."

But rifles and semi-automatic rifles don't need to be registered. They can be sold between private individuals with no background check required. It's known as the gun show loophole, but it can happen anywhere.

"You can do that at a gun show, you can do that at your home, you can do that in a parking lot," said Owner Kourosh Haroni. "I believe it's a safer environment to come and do that transaction in a gun show, in a controlled environment with Metro here."

Owners say in those types of sales they offer booths for background checks and encourage private dealers to use them, but it's not required.

Sobczak says universal background checks still wouldn't keep guns out of the hands of criminals.

"They need to enforce the laws they have now, and I think that would help a lot."

The owners of the gun show say they personally believe universal background checks should be implemented, and say all guns should be registered.

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