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Driving You Crazy: Nevada Law on School Buses

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LAS VEGAS - Viewers want to know the laws surrounding school bus stop signs and when, if at all, drivers are allowed to pass school buses.

Often when a school bus stops and turns its stop flashers on, oblivious motorists will pass the bus anyway. Some will make a last-second run at getting by the bus.

Nevada law states drivers must stop for a school bus when it puts on its flashers and stops. This applies to traffic in both directions. The law states, "Drivers shall not attempt to overtake or proceed past the school bus until the flashing red signal ceases operation."

Read the Law on School Buses

The only time drivers are not required to stop is if they are driving in the opposite direction, and there is a divided highway or roadway separating vehicles from the side of the road the bus is on. Drivers on the opposite side of the street as the bus are allowed to pass at a safe speed.

If you violate any provisions of this law, it's a misdemeanor which could involve hundreds of dollars in fines and a suspended license.

What's driving you crazy? You can e-mail your traffic questions and complaints to Brian Loftus.

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