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Cybersecurity Order Could Affect Las Vegas Businesses

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LAS VEGAS - President Obama this week signed an executive order making it more difficult for criminals to attack online. The order could affect businesses in Las Vegas.

The order allows companies that oversee infrastructure such as dams, electrical grids and financial institutions to join an experimental program that will give them real-time reports about cyber threats.

Learn More About the President's Executive Order 

Rob Tyree with Las Vegas-based FiberHub, where thousands of servers are kept online for local businesses, says the changes will affect his business. He says he'll have to hire more people to handle the increased requests from law enforcement.

"Once there's no barrier to obtaining that information, I think that's going to be like opening the flood gates," Tyree said. "You're going to have law enforcement that's constantly asking for information on users, whether it's pertinent or not. If there's even an iota of a chance they can gain something useful out of it, they're going to ask for those user details."

Last year, people protested the sharing of Internet-user histories, private information and search engine histories. As of today, nothing has changed regarding your personal information.

Law enforcement can still obtain it with a search warrant. The only difference is that this law will make it easier for companies to exchange this data.

This executive order is the first step for comprehensive cybersecurity. During Tuesday night's State of the Union address, the president urged Congress to pass tougher legislation.

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