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Health Officials Promote Good Heart Habits

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LAS VEGAS - Heart disease is the largest silent killer in America. As part of Heart Health Month, 8 News NOW is offering tips to keep your ticker in top shape.

The Southern Nevada Health District launched its "ABC" campaign to teach people the basics of heart health.

"A" is for aspirin, which health officials recommend people take for preventative care. "B" is for blood pressure, which people should check regularly. "C" is for cholesterol which people should also monitor.

Learn More About Healthy Heart Habits

Monitoring heart health is especially important for women, because often their heart attack symptoms can simply be fatigue or upper body pain.

The health district says sitting at your office desk all day can lead to heart disease, so it's important to find ways to get up and walk around whenever you get the opportunity.

"Say that you have a lunch break, then you can focus on walking as part of your lunch break rather than just eating and socializing with friends," said Southern Nevada Health District representative Rayleen Earney.

Exercise is key to a healthy heart. If 30 minutes on the treadmill doesn't appeal to you, there are several exercise programs around the valley – such as Crossfit – that can provide alternatives.

Crossfit instructors teach proper diet and start people off with easy workouts that gradually become more difficult over time. They say staying fit can play an important role in overall health.

Heart disease can also be hereditary, so it's important to know your family history as it pertains to heart health.

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