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8 on Your Side: Seniors Warned About Repair Scam

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LAS VEGAS - If you're driving down the road and someone pulls up beside you saying your tire is damaged, what would you do? Many people would pull over and check it out.

Joan Stewart feared for her safety the day she was approached by two men and a woman on the road who claimed she had tire damage.

"I was going down Sahara in the middle lane, and a car beside me beep-beeped and told me to put down my window and told me my right tire was sparking. It was going to catch on fire," she said.

Not knowing what to do, she pulled over, and they followed her.

"From there, they said that someone had evidently bumped into my tire and knocked screws loose, and that's why it was sparking and they could fix it for me," she said.

They claimed to be workers with Fletcher Jones Automotive. They told Stewart it would cost $2,000 to fix her tire, but the threesome would do it for her for $600. She agreed. Stewart got into their car and drove off while one of the three stayed behind to perform the repair. Stewart was taken to Wells Fargo and withdrew $600 from her account.

"They seemed very trustworthy. They had my main concern at hand, and they were believable," she said.

When she got back, she gave them the cash, and they said they fixed her tire. "They took off, and I took off to Fletcher Jones to have it double-checked," she said.

That's when Stewart discovered she had been scammed.

"I was furious. I am still furious that such a thing could happen - that you could be taken so badly. But, they were extremely believable," she said.

Now, she wants other people to know about this scam, so no one else becomes a victim. "Don't do it. Don't put your window down. Don't pull over except for the police," she said.

Because she willfully agreed to take $600 out of her account, there is no recourse for her to get her money back. She is lucky nothing worse happened to her. You should never get into a car of someone you do not know.

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