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A Wednesday's Child Is Adopted to a Forever Family -- And Gets a New Name, Too!

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(Jul. 28) -- Eight months ago, a cute kid with a unique name appeared on Wednesday's Child hoping to be adopted. Now he's got a new family -- and a new name. But probably the most important change in his young life is two new parents.

Dave met with them while they were in Las Vegas from out-of-state to pick up Luke, and Dave talked to them about why they adopted this child.

In December, we introduced you to Flossy -- now he's Luke. His new adoptive parents, Steve and Jenni couldn't wait to come to Las Vegas to finalize their adoption with Luke.

"He's pretty darn cute. Aren't ya, aren't ya?" says Jenni, holding Luke close. Luke is but the latest addition to an all-adopted family. "I had a lot of tests to have children, for some reason we haven't. They can't find out a reason why, so we decided to get into the foster program after we got married," says Jenni.

Foster care led to adoptions and Luke is their fifth adopted child. Naturally the question comes up -- is Luke the last? "Steve would probably say, 'Yes.' I'm not sure," says Jenni.

Luke was a toddler named Flossy when we featured him on Wednesday's Child back in December. He's a handsome normal-acting child, but he comes with some sensory problems that don't seem to phase his new parents.

"Early intervention is important because the sooner you can deal with the physical problems, and the speech problems, then the child will have less frustration and fewer behavioral problems," says Steve.

There's no question these two have their work cut out for them, but they're realistic about the challenges, and they're in it together. "She has the strength I would mention, the desire, the love of children, that makes you want to share your lives, butting food and changing diapers, and teaching them to be good people," says Steve.

"The hugs and the kisses and the 'I love you's' and the sweet smiles, sparkly little eyes, teasing -- the teasing that we get from out kids, that means a lot. It does,” gushes Jenni.

"Larger families like we've chosen to have, the more give and take, the more people that you have to share with, the more people sharing your joys,” says Steve.

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