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Residents Annoyed by Loud Road Construction

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LAS VEGAS - Road construction can be a nuisance for drivers, but for one valley neighborhood, it's become a nightly problem.

Every weeknight between 9 p.m. and 6 a.m., the loud sound of jack hammering can be heard from the bedrooms of homes near 215 and Warm Springs Road. Residents are upset, but there might not be anything they can do about it.

"It's a big nuisance. It's constant noise. It's jack-hammering outside your bedroom window when you're trying to sleep. You just can't block it out," said resident Kim Clark.

"When the big trucks go by, the alarm goes off - sirens. It's just like a police sergeant, a police siren," added resident Ron Santi.

For the past six months and until the end of the year, the airport connector project will add additional lanes on 215.

Clark County Public Works officials say most of the construction is going on at night when traffic is light. The agency is receiving numerous complaints from neighbors about the noise from the alarm of the overheight detection system and the pounding and bulldozing.

When asked last year if they could work on this project during the day, the public works director said the agency didn't want to disturb residents. People living nearby say it's too late. It's been bothering them every night.

The county's response is that the noise, while annoying, is better than more accidents on the roads.

"The primary reason we work at night is for the safety of the motorists and the convenience of the traveling public," said Michael Mamer with Clark County Public Works. "The safety aspect is the lane closures often confuse drivers and/or cause inattentive drivers to hit their brakes and cause rear-end accidents."

County officials say most of the loudest construction takes place during a swing shift before the 9 p.m. regular start time and before many people go to sleep.

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