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Bills Tackle Medical Pot, Cold Medicine Sales

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LAS VEGAS -- Drug laws will be the focus of many debates when Nevada lawmakers return to the state capital on Monday.

Bills ranging from the regulation of cough medicine to marijuana will be put forward this legislative session in Carson City, Nev.

Some bills would make it more difficult to manufacture methamphetamine and other bills would make it easier for people with medical conditions to access marijuana.

According to Metro Police, officers have busted nine marijuana grow houses since the new year.

"They come in and they've busted them," state Sen. Tick Segerblom said. "Some of the judges are saying, ‘Wait a minute. If the legislature didn't provide an avenue to provide marijuana then we're not going to put people in jail for trying to do what the legislature failed to do.'"

Nevada's constitution was amended in 2001 to allow for medical marijuana, but Segerblom said the Legislature never created a process to legally get it.

Segerblom is drafting a bill that would make dispensaries available for people with medical marijuana cards.

"Part of my bill would fix this little discrepancy," he said. "So people that are violating the law we would be able to prosecute them, and people who have a legitimate need for marijuana would be able to get it."

Another bill looks to increase regulation on cold medicine at local pharmacies.

Larry Pinson, executive secretary of the Nevada State Board of Pharmacy, said he supports increased control of substances used to make meth.

"Someone can go to one pharmacy and buy Sudafed, for example, and then two minutes later can go down the street to the next pharmacy and buy it again."

The bill would allow for a verification system and limit the amount of pseudoephedrine and ephedrine-based products customers can buy in a month.

"Amphetamine, methamphetamine, is probably one of the --if not the -- most addicting drugs there is," Pinson said. "It's an addiction unlike many."

8 News Now reached out to local law enforcement agencies to get their take on the drug bills being proposed.

Both North Las Vegas and Metro police spokespeople said their organizations haven't taken a position at this time.

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