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FBI Seek Information on the 'Weatherman Bandit'

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LAS VEGAS -- The hunt is on for a serial bank robber known as the "Weatherman Bandit." The FBI says he is responsible for 11 bank robberies over the past two years.

Authorities say the repeat robber loves talking about the weather with bank tellers before he commits his cash crimes.

The suspect usually walks in wearing a hat and sunglasses and then begins his trademark talk.

"He'll talk about the weather a little bit, and then he'll show the teller a note," said Henry Schlumpf, a bank robbery coordinator for the FBI Las Vegas field office. "We're sure that someone in Vegas knows who he is and that they'll recognize him and call us about it."

The "Weatherman Bandit" struck last on Dec. 24 at a Chase Bank on Maryland Parkway and Silverado Ranch. He used a note demanding money and threatening he had a weapon. The  suspect, believed to be 50 to 60 years old, told the teller "Merry Christmas" before leaving with stacks of cash.

Website of Las Vegas Bank Robbers

"He can wait four to five months between robberies, which makes me think that he may be supplementing his Social Security income with the occasional bank robbery," Schlumpf added.

The bank robbery spree began in Oct. 2010. The suspect even targeted two banks on the same corner, two months apart, last year.

The "Weatherman Bandit" has pulled off 11 jobs and managed to get away every single time.

"I think it's more likely that he lives probably in the Henderson area because his first few robberies all happened in the same area," Schlumpf said.

"He doesn't go really too far in hiding his face. I mean, sunglasses and a baseball cap just isn't enough," said bank patron David Braden. "It's only a matter of time, cat and mouse, before he gets caught."

The FBI's forecast for the "Weatherman Bandit" is federal prison.

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