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Brother/Sister Pair Hoping To Be Placed Together

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(Jul. 21) -- Princess is 12 years old, and her brother, Devion, is 4 years old.  They are a pair not to be broken up.  Right now, both are living in separate foster homes, but that's not permanent, and that's why adoption -- together -- is the only solution.


Princess and Devion loved everything about the exhibits at the Natural History Museum. Luckily during the times Dave was busy with Ronald (see last week’s Wednesday’s Child), Princess was able to keep her busy brother occupied.


Princess plays the "mother" role automatically.  She and Devion entered foster care two years ago, and only recently found a placement that seems to work.


"Yeah, people have asked me is it weird being with someone that you don't know, and I say no, because I've known for a long time, so it's not really someone that I didn't know.  Plus when she took me, she used to work at Child Haven,” says Princess.


You can see that Princess is an articulate, but soft-spoken young lady.  She likes drawing, roller-skating, and wants to take gymnastics.


Devion does many of the things that an energetic 4-year-old boy would do.

"He's dangerous!” says Princess.  “He has skates and in the grasses he'll be doing 360's, and everything, and he won't even start crying like normal kids, he'll get back up and do it again."


Both of them have had counseling to deal with their emotional trauma.  But both are clearly attached to each other. And if Princess has any say, it'll stay like that.


"That no mater what, we want to stay together because he's just a little kid, and doesn't know what's going on.  And once he gets older he may not even know then, so if we stay together, I may be able to tell him.  But if we get separated, I won't be able to tell him.  Somebody else will.  So he won't hear it from his sister, who knows the situation,” says Princess sincerely.


Every sister should be so loyal to their little brother.  Devion obviously loves his big sister, but right now they only see each other about once a week.


If you think you'd like to get started in the process of being their new parents, call the Adoption Exchange at 800-451-5246.

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