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I-15 Accident Captured on Video

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LAS VEGAS - A valley man narrowly escaped a dangerous crash on I-15 near Sahara Avenue when a semi truck crashed in front of him. The man captured the spectacular crash on video.

Dan Adkins missed the accident by a foot. He says he wasn't scared during the ordeal, because he's a former race car driver. Those skills were put to the test this week.

Watch the Accident Video

The crash happened Monday afternoon in the northbound lanes of I-15. The traffic ahead of Adkins slowed. That's when the semi truck driver locked his breaks and slammed into the center concrete barrier in front of Dan's vehicle.

The semi's trailer swung around and collided with a pick-up truck. Amazingly, Nevada Highway Patrol troopers say everyone walked away from the accident with minor injuries.

Adkins says this was the first time he set up his camera inside his truck. He was trying to show how bad traffic is during the day.

"I've seen so many accidents out there, and I thought, well, I'll just record some of this and maybe put it on my blog or prove to my wife that I'm not kidding about how bad the traffic is on 15 when I come home," he said. "So, I just stuck it up there and ten minutes later, this accident just happens."

Read Dan Adkins' Blog About the Accident

Nevada Highway Patrol says this is one of the worst stretches of roads in Las Vegas for drivers. As many as 15 accidents can occur every day on I-15 near Sahara.

NHP says a lot of drivers use the on and off ramps in the area. Combine that with big rigs that drive through town, and troopers say there is little they can do to prevent the accidents from happening.

"We're there quickly to get the roadway open, because once we have one accident in that area, it compounds itself, and we have multiple accidents," said NHP Trooper Jeremie Elliott. "So, the quicker we can solve the first problem, the less likely we're going to have more."

Dan says on his way back home from that accident, he saw more accidents and was stuck in the traffic jam he expected all along.

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