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Woman Fights Law on Stop Sign Confusion

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LAS VEGAS -- It's simple: red means stop – or does it?

What if the stop sign is too far back and there is no white stop bar on the street, and you need to pull forward to see other cars?

When Las Vegas community advocate Gina Greisen was pulled over in September at Grand Teton Drive and Bradley Road, she knew why she was being pulled over – and why she shouldn't have been.

"I pulled up to where, typically, you would see a stop bar in front of the crosswalk," she said.

She started building her case before the officer was even finished writing her the ticket.

"I'm like, ‘Where am I supposed to stop?'" she said. "I kind of went all the way up to here."

She took pictures showing there wasn't a white stop bar before the crosswalk, and in a letter to Greisen, the city of Las Vegas acknowledged the white bar was missing.

After she got the ticket, Greisen realized that stop sign was so far back from the crosswalk and the intersection, she was ready for a fight and got out her tape measure. She found the stop sign was 27 feet away from the crosswalk. She could not stop there and safely proceed into the intersection.

At such intersections, Greisen also found a discrepancy between Nevada law and what's in the Department of Motor Vehicles' handbook.

As a result, the DMV dropped a question on its driver's test and changed its handbook.

And in a department newsletter, Metro Police sent a memo to officers, informing them of the stop sign rules.

"If there is no stop line or crosswalk at an intersection with a posted stop sign, the driver can lawfully come to a stop after the posted stop sign," the memo read, adding "at first glance this may appear to be a violation of the law."

After winning in court, Greisen wonders if other drivers wrongfully were ticketed and paid anyway.

"There are a lot of questions as to how many people this has happened to," she said.

Greisen said the ticket would have cost her almost $400.

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