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Medicare Scam Targets Las Vegas Seniors

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LAS VEGAS - A Medicare scam is resurfacing in the valley for the new year.

Scammers - pretending to be Medicare workers - are tricking seniors by calling them and telling them they need to get new Medicare cards for the new year.

The scammer tells the unsuspecting senior to set up a direct deposit so Medicare funds can be directly sent to the senior's bank account. The scammer offers to set up the direct deposit and asks for the senior's bank account number. Once the scammer has the account number, they drain the account.

This scam has been around a long time, but unfortunately it is resurfacing in Las Vegas.

If you need to renew your Medicare card, Medicare will notify you by mail. If you need a new card, you have to request one from the Social Security Administration. No one will ever contact you by phone.

Whether you're on Medicare or you have a loved one who is, now is a great time to go over some Medicare safety tips.

First, don't carry your Medicare card in your wallet. If you lose it or it gets stolen, thieves could steal your identity with it.

Finally, never give your Medicare number out to anyone but your doctor.

If you have a consumer question or complaint, you can call 8 on Your Side at 650-1907 or e-mail us.

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