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8 on Your Side: Auto Repair Tips

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LAS VEGAS - Many people don't know their rights or the law when it comes to auto repairs. 8 on Your Side is taking out some of the guess work.

A viewer named Adam says he took his vehicle to a mechanic who promised the work would be done promptly, but it took weeks. He wanted to know what could be done.

Repair dates and time frames are estimates and nothing more. The Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles ensures mechanics are functioning within the law.

According to the DMV's Kevin Malone, customers can take their vehicles back from mechanics at anytime if they don't like the service they are receiving.

"You have the right to take your car out of there anytime and decline it. A lot of people don't realize they are not really stuck, and you can take your car from the mechanic," Malone said.

This rule also applies if the mechanic provides an estimate of one price, but after further work, tries to charge the customer more money.

"At that point, you do have the option to go back in and get another written estimate, and they have to stick to that within twenty percent," Malone said.

If you don't like the new estimate, you can take your car back, though you may have to pay for the work that had been done up to that point.

If you have a mechanic complaint, the DMV will take it from you and investigate to make sure no laws were broken. You do have to do this in person, though, at the DMV Office of Business and Licensing at 8250 West Flamingo Road.

The DMV does not handle compensation. In most financial conflicts with mechanics, you need to work it out with them or take them to small claims court.

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