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8 on Your Side Helps Family with Fridge Repairs

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LAS VEGAS - Most people could live without their refrigerator for a few days, but how about several months? That's what one Las Vegas family had to do until 8 on Your Side got involved.

Karen Wills and her family haven't had a working fridge or freezer since August. The freezer froze, and the fridge overheated. They called their home warranty company First American for a quick fix, or so they thought.

"They came out, looked at it, left," Wills said. "They didn't do any work."

First American sent repairmen to the Wills home several times during the following two weeks, then claimed they fixed the refrigerator/freezer. A few days later, the appliance broke again.

First American sent another repairman who found a hole in the fridge. "They burnt through the plastic where the coils they were soldering," Wills said. "It looks like a big hole - just melted plastic, and he burnt the wires."

Karen was told to file an insurance claim, which she did, but she was denied.

"If he was to stick the soldering gun on the table, it would be covered. On the tile, covered, but they do not cover the damage done to the fridge," she said.

She turned to First American again, but a worker told her there was nothing the company could do. Discouraged, Karen turned to 8 on Your Side for help.

"When you guys got involved, First American was on the phone with me the next day," she said.

First American offered the Wills family a new fridge, after the family spent $120 on faulty repairs and more money on wasted food and restaurants for more than four months.

Karen's glad the problem finally got resolved. "I watch Channel 8, and I see you get a lot handled, and I am really glad you guys chose me," she said. "You guys have been awesome."

This was not the first complaint 8 on Your Side has received about home warranty companies. While they may save you money, they will not necessarily save you time. The company - not the customer - sets the timetable for repairs and who performs them.

The customer is taken out of the equation, and, as Karen experienced first-hand, that means the customer could be without an appliance for quite some time.

If you have a consumer complaint you want investigated, contact 8 on Your Side at 702-650-1907 or email us.

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