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LuAnne Sorrell, Reporter

Woman Accused of Killing Her Daughter Talks

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(Jul. 15) -- A woman accused of killing her daughter by not monitoring her diabetes finally speaks out in an exclusive interview with Eyewitness News from the Clark County Detention Center. Cheryl Botzet has been in jail since May charged with first-degree murder.

Cheryl Botzet's attorney would not allow her to talk specifically about the case, but she said that she is innocent and she loved her daughter very much. Botzet has been unable to make bail. It was initially set at $150,000 and later reduced to $100,000. But Botzet says she should not be in jail at all.

Botzet wiped away tears as she talked about the death of her daughter, 11-year-old Ariel. "I haven't had the chance to really weep or grieve for my daughter," she said.

Botzet is charged with murder, accused of not giving Ariel the insulin she needed to control her diabetes. In May, Botzet surrendered to police expecting she would be released the same day.

"I'm innocent and eventually all the truth will come out, and I'm not a flight risk. Like I said I handed myself over even though I'm innocent. If I wasn't I wouldn't turn myself in.

Cheryl Botzet has been in jail two months here at the Clark County Detention Center. She says the $100,000 bail is an unfair amount.

Herb Sach's, Botzet's attorney, said, "Why they want big bail is beyond me. I think they are trying to punish her in advance knowing they are not going to get a murder conviction."

Botzet's attorney says initially the D.A.'s office agreed to a $10,000 bail. Chief Deputy District Attorney Vicki Monroe says when she looked over the case more thoroughly; she realized $10,000 was not enough. "We have a child who's dead here. I value that life more than $10,000, I value that life more than $50,000, I value that life at least $100,000.

But Botzet contends, "I want freedom. I want justice. I'm innocent."

It's unclear when Botzet will get freedom. But she will get justice. Her court date is set for October 11.

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