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Doctor: Cry for Help Needs Immediate Attention

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LAS VEGAS -- The woman who was arrested after being accused of slashing a coworker with razor blades at the Bellagio said she asked to be admitted to a hospital because she thought she might hurt someone.

It is unclear whether Brenda Stokes, who also goes by the name Brenda Wilson, actually sought medical care.

A Las Vegas doctor who doesn't have ties to Stokes or the case against her, said requests such as hers need to be taken very seriously.

Dr. Ion Alexie, who specializes in internal medicine and infectious diseases, said he would have handled Stokes care differently.

"I would treat that as one of the biggest emergencies possible," he said.

When treating a patient, Alexie said no symptom should be taken lightly.

In mid-December, a Metro Police incident report said Stokes went to see her physician, Dr. Howard Coker.

Stokes said she told him she needed to be admitted to a hospital because she felt like she wanted to hurt someone.

The report doesn't say how or if the doctor treated the patient.

"I wouldn't wait even five minutes," Alexie said. "There's no time to play with this kind of situation. I never had this kind of situation before, but if I … do, I will just try to get that patient right away to an emergency room because you can never know what will happen."

Alexie said a hospital's emergency room will safely stabilize the patient, run tests and contact family members.

Alexie said he believes easy access to a doctor could help prevent an emergency, which is why he freely gives out his cell phone number.

"I want my patients to reach me anytime," he said.

At Coker's office, the Diagnostic Center of Medicine, staff members said he wouldn't return for at least a week.

"I would try to talk to the family to make sure the patient is under observation, eventually call an ambulance to the place," Alexie said. "I might even call the police to go in the apartment or wherever the patient lives to make sure the patient is alright."

Metro Police wouldn't say how or if the doctor treated Stokes.

A call to Joyce Elaine Rhone, the blackjack dealer who was slashed at the Bellagio, has not been returned.

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