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Handsome Multiracial 4-Year-Old Boy Needs Parents

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(Jul. 14) -- When you're only 4 years old, you have to trust grown-ups to do what's right for you.  Ronald has had a mixed bag of trusting adults, because his home life was disrupted. 

Of course, all foster-children have had a family disruption at some point or another.  The key is:  how are they dealing with it?  Usually they're unsure of strangers. Ronald was that way, but then warmed up quickly when he got together with Dave at the Natural History Museum. 


Ronald's has European-American, Asian, and African-American heritage, and is a handsome boy, who, fortunately was not too shy to hold Dave’s hand almost from the beginning.  Maybe it was just his fear of all the scary-looking animals, but, after a few minutes, Ronald didn't want to let go of Dave’s hand.


The jury's still out on whether Ronald has any bad long-lasting effects from his natural mother, who used drugs and alcohol during her pregnancy.  He's had only one placement since then, and he's very close to his foster family.


"He always comes up to me and give me hugs when I come home, and asks me for kiss and hug goodnight, yeah, he's affectionate,” says Ashley, Ronald’s Foster Mother’s natural daughter.

After a few minutes Ronald got comfortable enough to start talking to Dave, and he got maybe a little too comfortable with the animals, ‘cause he tried to climb right up into one of the dinosaur exhibits.  Dave stopped him just in time.


Ronald has so much going for him, he just needs a permanent home.


"He's a good kid, he really is, he's one of the best,” says Ashley.


Ronald needs a home where he gets a lot of attention, not a family that will place him in daycare.  There are some unknowns in his case, but show me a kid who doesn't present unexpected challenges.


We've had so many sibling sets on Wednesday’s Child lately.  Ronald has a 16-year-old sister, who has chosen not to be adopted with Ronald to give him better chances, but they really want to maintain a relationship regardless of his hoped-for adoption.


If you think you'd like to get started in the process of being Ronald’s new parents, call the Adoption Exchange at 800-451-5246.

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