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Gun Store Owner: Assault Rifles Easier to Buy than Handguns

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LAS VEGAS -- Gun control is one of the big questions to come from the tragic shooting in Newtown, Connecticut in which 27 people were killed, including 20 children.

One of the biggest questions is assault rifles like the one the Newtown shooter had.

According to the owner of a gun store in Las Vegas, there are 40 to 50 places in Clark County where someone can get a semi-automatic rifle within an hour.

Bob Irwin, the owner of The Gun Store, also says it is easier to by a rifle or assault rifle than a handgun.

"You are mad at somebody. So, you go buy a pistol to shoot him. So, they have a 72-hour cooling off period, but it only applies to pistols. So, if you are really mad at somebody you can buy a shotgun instead, or an assault rifle," Irwin said.

Metro police say this year its narcotics unit has seized 189 firearms, which is up from 146 last year.

"This is only an example of what are narcotics unit has done year to date. Yes, of course, there are other units, and I would say on average probably just as many firearms, perhaps, if not more," Officer Jose Hernandez, with Metro Police, said.

Kenan Sipilovac bought his first rifle about a week ago.

"They did a background check it took a good hour or so. They asked a ton of questions," Sipilovac said.

Gun experts say Sipivolac could have just as easily bought a semi-automatic rifle, and he could have legally avoided a background check by buying directly from a gun owner.

Firearm instructor Michael Murray says he has purchased rifles that way and explains the process.

"Then you would transfer it to me. I would pay you the money. You would properly get a bill of sale and show an ID showing I live in this state," Murray said.

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