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11/28/12 Hunter and Kayleb Have Each Other, They Need a Family

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Wednesday's Child today is a pair of brothers who are at an age where they can't live without each other, and they can't live with each other.  Despite that, they're bonded and deserve a forever home together.  

We're back at Horses for Heroes and watching with interest as Hunter and his younger brother Kayleb get comfortable with the many animals here.  

Although they're only a year apart in age, and share many interests, each is his own person.

Lets start withHhunter, the oldest, at 13.

"One of those things that we talk about Hunter is one day he may even grow up to be a litigator, ...a lawyer, because he does have an opinion, and he loves to share that opinion with you. Always got something to say," exclaims Gina, an adoption recruiter for the County's Division of Child Services.

Kayleb, at 12 is -- enjoys X-Box like his brother, but also is a quiet thinker.

"Kayleb is a little bit much more quieter. He's a great student. One of the things he likes is she really wants to be able to play sports she's really interested in that," adds Gina.

First one, and then the other got in the saddle.  They were not intimidated by the horses, but later, Hunter didn't want to talk to me about it... Kayleb said he would, but spoke softly and with short answers.  

It's understandable.... These guys have been through a lot.

"They have been in foster care on and off since 2007. came back in 2009 and be been in care since then, they could go live with relatives, but now they're back," explains  Gina.

Bottom line:  these boys need a home with structure and plenty of love.

"They're just really looking for someone that has the patience, and the ability, and the skills to deal with the things that they been through.  And we really need someone that understands teenagers because we to have Hunter who is 13 years old and Kayleb is right behind him as a teenager and is 12 so if we can get some really understands teenagers.." says Gina.

Kayleb and Hunter are free and clear for adoption...and as far as they're concerned, it can't happen soon enough.
If you have room for them in your home, please call the local office of the Adoption Exchange at 436-6335 right away.
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