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11/21/12 Harmoni Handles Horses Fine...She Just Needs a Family

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Today's Wed's Child has waited years and years in foster care... Hoping to be adopted.  Miraculously, the wait has not dampened her spirit one bit.  Dave Courvoisier re-introduces us to "Harmoni"

In June of 2008, we spent some time at Pistol Pete's Pizza with Harmoni.  She was a lovely 10-yr-old then with high hopes of being adopted.

Well, it's four years later, and now Harmoni is in high school.  

One thing hasn't changed, though, she still very much wants a forever home.

"Yeah I'm okay with the idea of getting adopted. I know it's not certain that I will get adopted, but if there is a home of their, I would love to go through it," says Harmoni.

At Horses for Heroes, Harmoni took to the saddle like a natural.  She's a delightful girl with an outgoing personality:

"Well in the past she's taken Ukulele lessons that was for one extracurricular that she wanted to do. And she just likes to go to movies she likes to go shopping she likes to go to the park I mean she just lots like today she was so excited to come out here and be able to ride horses," says Diane, her CASA Volunteer.

Diane says Harmoni has the goal of being a designer some day.

"Right now she wants to be a designer that's your future goal is to be a designer someday. She was saying interior designer now she's saying a fashion designer so something along those lines," adds Diane.

More than anything, Harmoni just wants to find a forever family.

"I think she'd be great with a single parent if there's a single parent out there that would love to have a teenage girl that would be great," says Diane.

"It's just that idea of being stable staying in one home for like some years," says Harmoni.

Harmoni is free and clear...and eager to be adopted.  If there's room in your home and heart for this young lady, please call the office of the Adoption Exchange at 436-6335.
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