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I-Team: Study Looks at Pedestrian Crowding on Las Vegas Strip

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LAS VEGAS -- Street performers see themselves one step closer to getting booted off the Las Vegas Strip. This comes after Clark County commissioners heard from experts just how clogged Strip sidewalks have become.

A study on pedestrian traffic was presented to the commission Tuesday. County officials say they will need some time to come up with a plan to address the pedestrian crowding along Strip sidewalks.

There is a fine balancing act between civil liberties and keeping the sidewalks clear and safe for pedestrians. The study shows there are stretches of sidewalk on the Strip clogged to the point of being dangerous. Some are blaming street performers for the crowding.

Scientists counted the number of people walking along the Strip on two busy nights and found 17 stretches of sidewalk clogged to the point where it forced people to walk on the street. In some cases, fire hydrants and electrical boxes were to blame. In more cases, the report pointed out performers and vendors were causing the problem.

Street performers, like Brandon Summers, hope to obstruct any county ordinance that would block them from doing business.

"The way the judgments have been made, there's been sweeping judgements. They draw these white lines that are no obstruction zones. Where can you do it without getting a misdemeanor, without getting a ticket?

Recent county ordinances place restrictions on performers. For example, they can't use electrical wires because it could trip a pedestrian. Some performers see the study as the next step in a complete ban on their activities.

County commissioners will wait until March to announce their plans. Other cities, such as San Francisco, have required street performers to be licensed.


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