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Metro Police Kill Coyote Near Elementary School

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LAS VEGAS -- Metro Police shot and killed a coyote in a Las Vegas valley neighborhood Tuesday afternoon.

According to police, neighbors had complained the coyote was attacking people's pets and other animals, including a goose and a chicken.

"They had to do what they could right away for the safety of the children, the school, the neighborhood, and absolutely, they did the right thing," resident Emily Pinaud said.

When officers arrived, they cornered the coyote and called animal control. The coyote then tried to escape by leaping into neighbors' backyards.

Officers found the coyote in front of Dailey Elementary School, near Tropicana and Eastern avenues, about 2 p.m., where it was shot to death.

"He was big enough that he could scale these walls pretty much with ease," Capt. Tom Roberts of Metro Police said. "As it worked it's way to the school obviously our awareness is heightened with the school being completely packed with kids and getting close to dismissal time."

The school was put on a soft lockdown as soon as the canine was reported.

Doug Nielson of the Nevada Department of Wildlife said the animal may have traveled through washes from the mountains to get deep into the city.

"They are a very adaptable animal and have learned to live around and among us and to even prosper despite the development, so that's why people see them here," Nielsen said. "People really need to realize these animals know how to make a living in the desert, they've been doing it for thousands of years, so we don't need to feed them."

Authorities said the drought combined with easy meals, like small pets, and available water make living in the city more inviting.

Authorities said breeding season is around the corner and that could be another reason for coyotes to expand their territory into the city.

Metro Police said the shooting and the officers actions will be put under administrative review.

The officer will not be placed on paid leave but there will be a full investigation.

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