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10/24/12 5 Medically Fragile Children Find the Same Forever Home

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Halloween is for kids, and Wednesday's Child this week is about 5 kids who have been adopted by the same family.  But where they live is far from spooky... Instead it's loving and permanent.

The Pumpkin Patch over on West Flamingo was the perfect diversion for this lively group of 5 children... All adopted by Kim and her husband.

So you aren't confused about them, here they are with their own introduction: (Each one giving their names)

By the way they romped around on the Pumpkin Patch you'd never guess that they were all adopted as having special needs.

 "Yes all of them are medically fragile, special needs adoptions, ranging from cerebral palsy to autism," says Kim, their adoptive mother.

Perhaps even more amazing is that Kim and her husband Ricky already had 5 biological children of their own... Kim proudly showed us a well-worn family picture album she carries with her at all times.

"Yeah every day is a challenge but you work with the challenge and you get all of them working together to help and the older children by biological children I would imagine would probably end up adopting children because they got great rewards for doing that with these children," admits Kim.

Kim understands what it's like to feel abandoned.

"You know I was on the streets when I was 12 and had a baby at 15 and I wished at that time I would have had someone that would have just had enough faith in me that I could succeed," says Kim.

Kim can't imagine a house without family life bustling around...she has these words of encouragement for people considering adoption:
"Jump out on faith jump out on faith, look at that child's face, you know he needs a home, she needs a home, she needs a foundation somebody to love her, somebody is not to turn her away," says Kim.

November is National Adoption Month, and there are several upcoming events where you'll be able to meet children who are available for adoption.  Also Dave Courvoisier will have a special report in November on the process of being approved as an adoptive parent.


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