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10/17/12 Colin is a High Flyin' SkyDiver

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Wednesday's Child goes back to the "indoor skydiving" place this week. Our adoption candidate is Colin, and he was at least as fearless as the guy who plummeted to earth this last weekend.  

Colin stands out as a real candidate for a Western movie...showing up for our shoot in his Stetson.

" 'Loves country music, loves cowboy boots and correct me if I'm wrong as well, NASCAR?" asks Lance, Colin's adoption recruiter.

At first, Colin wasn't sure just exactly what happens in a place like indoor skydiving, but played right along.

"To the best of my knowledge I think Colin's looking forward to it it's a little bit of excitement, mixed with fear kind of the unknown and what to expect with that because you hear skydiving you think falling out of the sky," adds Lance.

Colin is 14, and in 8th grade.  He's a good student, and watched carefully during the flight instructions.

Then it was off to the equipment room.  Colin started getting into the swing of things, and in just a few minutes, he was inside the wind tunnel, and ready to take off.

Colin was a natural, but almost couldn't put into words what was so great about the experience.

"It was pretty… it was actually my greatest time ever," gushed Colin.

Colin works for approval, and is a good helper.

"Colin is a good kid who really likes to seek that positive attention, and so at home he's helpful with chores and does a lot of work around the house if you ask him to hold this, help with that, he's ready to go. So much so that he helps a lot with the animals," claims Lance.

But what Colin needs most is stability, structure, and a loving forever family.

"He's legally free for adoption, you know were looking for a family that you know kinda one of those things that we talked about earlier can you provide that structure that caring. That nurturing one-on-one individual attention would be excellent," says Lance.

The sky's the limit --- so to speak -- for this young man
If you think there's room in your heart and your home for Colin, please get started in the process by calling the local office of the Adoption Exchange right now at 436-6335.
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