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Video Captures Theft From Las Vegas Home

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LAS VEGAS - Metro Police are investigating a theft at a Las Vegas home, caught on surveillance video, near Nellis Boulevard and Hacienda Avenue.

"They waste no time at all," said Metro Police Specialist Kathy Perkins. "She doesn't give any hesitation whatsoever to the fact that there are witnesses right there."

With bystanders standing feet away, two thieves roll up to the home. One casually steals a UPS package with clothes inside that was sitting near the front door. The owner was home and didn't know it was happening.

She didn't want to talk to 8 News NOW, but says she put the surveillance video on YouTube hoping someone would recognize the package pilferer.

Watch the Surveillance Video

Police say the theft shows how unprotected most valley neighborhoods are.

"You just have to anticipate what's coming to your house and how you want to handle it so the item is protected," Perkins said.

This isn't a new trend according to police, but it's very hard to monitor because often there is no proof a crime was committed.

"While the security cameras were rolling during this theft, many times, security cameras aren't around," Perkins said. "Police want you to stay vigilant to protect your stuff."

"If you're home, you're paying attention for it, and if you can have it picked up by a trusted neighbor, that's wonderful. Another option sometimes is have something delivered to your place of employment," Perkins said.

Not taking precautions could put your holiday package in the wrong hands.

UPS says it is assisting police and will prosecute anyone charged with the crime.

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