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TED Youth Event Hits Downtown Las Vegas

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LAS VEGAS -- Las Vegas kids got a chance to be inspired and empowered at a TEDxYouthDay event Downtown Saturday. Many speakers came together to promote innovation and creativity.

"I learned to program in 3 to 4 months, Java Script, and then we started to build the app," said 12-year-old Ethan Duggan. "We have a bunch of app's next. We have Shoezium, Thank-you-matic, Money Tracker, we also have Lazy Wife, and Lazy Kid. All sorts of stuff like that."

Duggan was at the event held in Theater7 speaking to kids his own age.

"I've been a teacher and you can tell a kid something and they're like ok whatever, said Ethan's mom Marni Klein, "But when another kid says ‘hey I just did' this they are like wow."

Organizers say the event is a way to ignite new ideas and empower young leaders. They say it's a positive way of engaging children and creating a brighter future for Las Vegas.

"I think they are going to grow up into a really interesting collaborative environment. I grew up in Las Vegas. I went to school here," said Organizer Monera Mason. "So I think we are ripe at this moment and it's just a pivotal moment in our city's history."

Among the speakers was Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh. He says the possibilities are limitless for Las Vegas youth.

"With anyone, especially youth, don't self limit your world of possibilities," said Hsieh. "There's always ways to think bigger or think differently."

Ethan Duggan says he just wants to give fellow entrepreneurs some helpful tips.

"Don't do it all at once. Take little steps until you're confident you can take the big leap, and finish it.

There were TEDx events all around the world Saturday. Organizers say this was the first Downtown, and they'll definitely be doing it again.

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