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Adoptions Do Happen -- and Raymond is Proof Positive

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Raymond with Dave at Wet 'n' Wild Raymond with Dave at Wet 'n' Wild
Raymond and his new brother Cole Raymond and his new brother Cole
April and James, Raymond's new parents April and James, Raymond's new parents

(Jul. 7) -- Adoptions really DO work. Eyewitness News thinks it's pretty important to tell these follow-up adoption stories, because some people get discouraged with the adoption process. Yes, sometimes it takes a few months, but as you'll see in this report, it's all worth it.

Many of you will likely remember Raymond. He was first featured in Wednesday's Child about a year ago. Dave and Raymond went to Wet 'n' Wild together with some other adoptable kids.  In fact, if you scroll down to the bottom of this page, you'll see Raymond's original story, which aired August 27, 2003.

At that time, Raymond had already been in several foster homes. But at the age of 10, he still had high hopes of find forever parents. "Someone who cares about me - doesn't take me for granted," he told Dave at the time.

Well, someone cared enough to do something about it. Now Raymond lives in the Midwest with his new parents, April and James, and a new brother, Cole, almost exactly the same age.

"It's really annoying sometimes, we get into fights a lot, but then again, I'm the one who asked for a brother, and it's really fun," says Raymond's new brother, Cole.

That's right, Cole's mom 'n' dad, always knew they'd adopt. They wanted an older child and had been looking for a year and a half, but said, "We didn't want to do it until Cole was ready, and about 2 years ago, he started saying, 'I'm ready. Let's do it, let's adopt, let's get me a brother,' " says April, Raymond's new Mom.

Now Raymond is making A's and B's in his new school. He's starting over, doing family things like riding bikes with his new brother and learning what it's like to be part of a permanent family.

"No one's actually gave me hugs, or no one's tucked me or said good night to me when I have to go to sleep. And I never felt like I could talk to them about my problems," says Raymond of his past family experiences

"I think the hardest thing is, he's told us that he's never had a family that loved him before, and he just doesn't understand. It takes him a while to understand, he can mess up and that's okay. 'We're still here, we still love you and you're still part of this family,' " says April.

"I think the reward for me has just been watching him grow, watching him improve. It's been very rewarding, and he's going to be able to handle life just like anybody else," says James, Raymond's new Dad.

"I think we'll get really close and bond," says Raymond's new brother, Cole with a smile.

"I think Cole said it best when we were out there. He said, 'Ya know, it's like he fills a hole that we didn't even know was there.'  So that was pretty profound for an 11-yr-old," says April.

April and James began their search on the Internet, which led to phone calls and eventually a visit to Las Vegas. And then asking Raymond the big question, "Do you want us as your new family? You have a choice in this."

He made the trip, and as you can see, he's fitting in quite nicely.  The entire process from start to finish took less than a year.  He was featured on Wednesday's Child last August and next month, the adoption should be finalized.

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