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Citations Issued Over Illegal Downtown Tows

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LAS VEGAS - First Friday draws huge crowds. With the crowds come cars. Finding a place to park can be difficult and costly as Deborah Porter found out.

"I came here and parked, looking forward to a fabulous First Friday," she said. "When I came out about 12:30 or 1:00, my car was gone."

Her car had been towed, but she didn't know why. She claims she didn't see any signs prohibiting her from parking where she did.

8 on Your Side asked the Nevada Transportation Authority to investigate. The agency uncovered dozens of illegal tows in the downtown area in just one night.

 "There are a total of 13 citations that have been written," said Nevada Transportation Authority Chairman Andy McKay.

All of the infractions were due to procedural problems, but none were because of a lack of signs. In fact, Deborah's tow was completely within the confines of the law.

The signs, however, aren't easily visible at night. The law only states the signs need to be in contrasting colors. State law doesn't specify what size the signs should be or how many of them should be posted in a given area.

Laws in some other states aren't as vague. Texas, for example, requires signs be a certain size, placed every 25 feet and permanently mounted. Other states, meanwhile, have less stringent laws in place.

Deborah thinks bigger, more prominent signs would have saved her hundreds of dollars. She's glad 8 News NOW's investigation uncovered the procedural wrongdoings. For her, that's justice.

"Contacting you and Channel 8 was my best move ever, because it really put teeth behind my complaint," she said.

The recipient(s) of the 13 citations are set to go to a hearing Wednesday. If you feel you have been towed illegally, you can file a complaint with the Nevada Transportation Authority.

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