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Creepy Contacts Could Create Health Problems

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LAS VEGAS - Many people are putting the finishing touches on their Halloween costumes, but if you plan to use colored contact lenses with your costume, you might want to think twice. Those ghoulish eye costumes could turn into a real life nightmare.

"The worst that can happen is you can end up with some permanent vision loss from wearing these contact lenses," said optometrist Dr. Jeff Sarazen. "There (have) been some documented cases of blindness."

Every year around Halloween, ophthalmologists report an influx of people coming in with eye infections because of these creepy eye contacts. Doctors say the big problem is that people buy these contacts at places they really shouldn't.

"People are buying them at gas stations, kiosks in the mall, and that's the way some of these companies are distributing these illegally," said Dr. Sarazen.

Additionally, one size contact lens does not fit all.

These contacts are against the law in the United States without a license of prescription. Stores that sell them could face a fine of up to $10,000 by the Food and Drug Administration.

If you still want to purchase these contact lenses, the best place to get them is from your eye doctor. Doctors say no matter how much your kids beg and plead, don't let them wear the contact lenses if they are younger than 12. Their eyes are not fully developed, and they shouldn't wear contacts.

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