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Glitch Strands Blind Man at Bus Stop

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HENDERSON, Nev. - No one likes to wait, but a Las Vegas blind man waited hours for his paratransit bus to show up, and it was all due to a technological glitch.

Stan Depkiewicz is legally blind, so the only way he can get around town is by taking the RTC paratransit bus.

"They are my only source of transportation, and this is the only location that I've ever had problems with being picked (up)," he said.

He often waits one to five hours for the bus to pick him up at Clearview Healthcare Center in Henderson. Stan called paratransit, but no one ever showed up. He called the Regional Transportation Commission for an explanation.

"They say that I was a no show, and I tell them, ‘How can I be a no show if I'm calling you to ask you where my bus is?'" he said.

Angela Torres with the Regional Transportation Commission says the computers weren't telling drivers to go to the right place. "We are experiencing a technological glitch in our mobile data technology," she said.

The printed transcript, however, contained the correct information.

"Upon investigating this issue, we're realizing that some of the operators are just relying on the electronic manuscript. They're not doing both," Torres said.

The Regional Transportation Commission says the problem has been solved thanks, in part, to 8 on Your Side's investigation.

"What we've done is we've retrained all of our operators that they need to rely on both," Torres said. "They need to rely on the electronic manuscript and the paper manuscript."

"If they come and pick me up, I have no problem," Stan said.

Since 8 on Your Side's investigation, paratransit has been running smoothly. "I'm happy," Stan said.

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