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Family Says Slain Summerlin Woman Abused by Husband

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Shauna Tiaffay Shauna Tiaffay
George Tiaffay George Tiaffay

LAS VEGAS -- Family and friends of Shauna Tiaffay said her husband showed a pattern of abuse toward her, including demeaning her in front of their daughter and berating her over shopping purchases.

Shauna Tiaffay, 46, was found beaten to death in her Summerlin apartment Sept. 29. Her estranged husband, George Tiaffay, was arrested Wednesday in connection with her death.

Family members said George Tiaffay put Shauna through years of verbal and physical abuse.

They said they knew there was violence in the tumultuous marriage and wished they could have stepped in sooner.

With a bouquet of pink flowers, George Tiaffay appeared grief stricken at his wife's funeral.

But those closest to Shauna Tiaffay said her husband was anything but loving.

"I really believe that on the inside, Shauna was very much in turmoil," said her sister, Paula Stokes-Richards.

Stokes-Richards said the physical and verbal battles fought inside her sister's home were well known to Shauna's loved ones.

"When this tragedy happened, everyone who knows Shauna … was very aware of her situation with George," Stokes-Richards said.

Shauna Tiaffay's former live-in boyfriend said George abused Shauna in front of her daughter by degrading and demeaning her.

"He would say things about Shauna to (her daughter) with her present and directly antagonize her like, ‘your mom doesn't love us' with her right there," said Alberto Rodriguez, Shauna's former boyfriend.

Another friend said Shauna never knew what to expect from George from one day to the next.

"One day he'd be really, really nice to her and then she'd consider ‘Well, maybe I want to stay,' and the next day it was a different story," said Shauna's friend, Stephanie. "It was Jekyll and Hyde."

Safe Nest spokeswoman Lisa Lynn Chapman said many of those signs are key in identifying an abuser.

"If somebody is really nice and great at one moment and a split second yelling and screaming, that's another sign to look for," said Chapman, a domestic violence expert.

At the time of Shauna's killing, the couple was married but not living together.

Chapman said when an abuser loses control of the situation, violence can be the result.

"Leaving is always the most dangerous time for a woman in domestic violence situation," she said. "This is about power and control. And this is someone taking that power and control back."

Investigators said George Tiaffay paid Noel Stevens to kill Shauna.

Shauna's family and friends said George's arrest in connection with Shauna's death does not surprise them.

"I thought George was responsible ... immediately," Rodriguez said.

Added Stokes-Richards: "We were careful not to point fingers, but really in my gut and my heart, I've just known all this time that George was somehow involved."

Chapman said victims should not stay in an abusive relationship, but should have a plan to get out safely.

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