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Report: Homeless Man Paid $600 to Kill Man's Wife

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George Tiaffay George Tiaffay
Noel Stevens Noel Stevens
Shauna Tiaffay Shauna Tiaffay

LAS VEGAS -- One of the men arrested in connection with the killing of a Summerlin woman was paid $600 for the crime, a friend of the man told police.

Shauna Tiaffay, 46, was found beaten to death in her Summerlin apartment Sept. 29. George Tiaffay, a Las Vegas firefighter, called police to report he discovered his wife's body.

Tiaffay and Noel Stevens were both arrested Wednesday and face charges in the woman's death.

According to the arrest report, Shauna Tiaffay's body – still wearing her Palms cocktail waitress uniform -- appeared to be repositioned following her death.

Tiaffay told police he had been working a 24 hour shift starting at 7:30 a.m. Sept. 28.

He told detectives that the morning he discovered his wife's body, he had picked up their daughter from his mother's house, had breakfast with their daughter and then went to the park before heading over to Shauna Tiaffay's apartment about 9:10 a.m.

According to the coroner's report, she had several injuries to her head that appeared to have been caused by a curved edge of a weapon. Injuries were also found to her right face and cheek.

On Sept. 30, police received a tip from someone who said a friend of his had committed a murder in the Summerlin area. The tipster identified the person as Noah Stevens, also known as "Greyhound." Stevens told the tipster that he was paid an initial $600 to commit the murder and was promised more money.

Stevens also told the tipster that he had hit the woman so hard with a hammer, the hammer broke. He continued to hit her with the head of the hammer, according to the report.

The tipster also told police that the husband wanted his wife dead and had been calling Stevens all day to set up the final payment.

When detectives contacted Stevens, he found several baggies of marijuana and orange pills marked "M.Amphet Salts 20 mg".

He told detectives he did odd jobs, such as landscaping, to earn money. When detectives asked if he knew any firemen, he said he knew one named George and had worked at his house several times. He said he knew of the Tiaffay's relationship problems, but did not know about Shauna Tiaffay's death and was not involved.

He told officers he lives in a tent at the far west end of Charleston Boulevard near a flood retention basin and a shooting range.

Detectives then obtained a search warrant for Steven's tent and found a black dress that was the size Shauna Tiaffay had worn, a ski mask with holes cut for eyes and sequins throughout the tent. Just outside the tent, detectives found a hypodermic needle, a label for a hammer and a piece of fishnet stockings.

No blood was found on any items inside or near his tent.

Police connected many of the items found at the tent with a previous robbery of Shauna Tiaffay's home, including swimsuit bottoms and the fishnet stockings.

On Oct. 4, police found a second tent that they connected to Stevens through cigarette butts. Inside this tent, they discovered several more of the orange pills and jeans that had blood on the front of them. Half a mile north of the campsite, police found a plastic grocery bag that contained a T-shirt with blood in it, a ski mask with holes cut out and four pairs of women's panties.

Later testing revealed the blood matched Shauna Tiaffay's.

Detectives then obtained the cell phone records between George Tiaffay and Stevens. On the night of Shauna Tiaffay's killing, police noted six phone calls between the two men.

On Oct. 8, detectives interviewed George Tiaffay's mother and sister and told them he may have been involved in killing Shauna Tiaffay. After detectives left, George Tiaffay arrived at his mother and sister's house and then drove his pickup truck at a high rate of speed into a retaining all at the end of Summerlin Parkway and the 215-Beltway.

According to detectives, it is believed that he was attempting to kill himself. He was taken to a hospital where he was evaluated.

The next day, detectives were called to a Goodwill shed in a parking lot where Stevens would often socialize. Inside the shed, detectives found a key that matched Shauna Tiaffay's key.

Detectives also retrieved surveillance video of Tiaffay and Stevens buying several items together, including a hammer, gloves and knife in mid-September.

Police also learned that on Sept. 27, Tiaffay had bought a Grendel P-12 .38 caliber automatic handgun and a box of ammunition that had 19 of the 50 rounds remaining. The gun had not been registered, but on the day of purchase, Tiaffay had used the indoor shooting range at Discount Firearms. He hadn't purchased anything from the store before.

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