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Couple Gets Stamps After Calling 8 on Your Side

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LAS VEGAS - A Las Vegas couple is battling with the U.S. Postal Service over a book of stamps they paid for, but never received.

Marie and Ronald Bradshaw's little problem became a big ordeal. "I had reached a breaking point," said Marie.

They ordered and paid for a book of stamps they never received.

"They had no problem cashing our check in one day. They got their money, but where are my stamps?" said Marie.

They didn't get what they paid for.

"It's not so much the frustration of not receiving the stamps, but it is because we are on a fixed income," Marie said. "My bills were sitting here."

"We could Use $9 for a prescription or something," Ronald said.

For more than a month, they waited for the stamps. They eventually took to the phones. "I made over 70 some calls, back to back, back to back," Marie said.

When they finally got through to the postmaster, he told them he would get back to them. He never did. That's when things got heated.

"My wife called and the postmaster got belligerent with her," Ronald said.

"He said that I was giving him attitude," Marie said. "I said, ‘What do you mean I'm giving an attitude?'"

Fed up, they called 8 on Your Side. One phone call from 8 News NOW, and the post office was able to send the Bradshaws their stamps.

"This may sound like a minor problem but with all the other things I have going on, it became a major problem for me," said Marie.

Now, the Bradshaws are getting their bills taken care of on time. They finally feel someone is on their side.

"Anybody's got a problem, call Channel 8," said Marie.

If you have a consumer complaint you want investigated, contact 8 on Your Side at 650-1907 or email us.

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