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Acts of Kindness: Mary Lovelady

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LAS VEGAS - For seven years, Mary Lovelady has been helping the homeless and needy of Las Vegas. Thousands of people have entered the doors of the Society of St. Steven, a mission of the Trinity United Methodist Church. It's also become a mission for Mary.

"She's always behind the scenes doing things that you wouldn't even know she was there," said Mary's colleague Patti Haber. "She comes during the week, opens up and makes sure the paperwork is all done. She's in charge of finances and making sure the pantry is kept up and filing. You name it, she's there."

Mary has headed up the Society of St. Stevens since 2006. She has a job with the Clark County School District, yet she has volunteered thousands of hours. The volunteers who work with her tout her efforts.

"She always goes the extra mile for the client," said volunteer Paul Brooks. "If they don't have the paperwork, let's work out something to get them food and the next time they're here, we can finalize the paperwork. She always wants to do something to help."

She has helped countless people throughout the valley.

"One evening, I was volunteering in the pantry," Mary said. "A lady who appeared to be about 70 had called our church for assistance, and they referred her to Society of St. Steven. She had all of her papers, laid them out - hands shaking and so apologetic that she had to be here and so afraid she didn't bring enough paperwork."

Mary made sure the woman left with plenty of food.

"She was just so grateful and cheery eyed, and it was amazing to be able to help someone even for three days. At the same time, we hope we give people a good feeling when they leave here," Mary said.

In a token of appreciation for Mary Lovelady's efforts, 8 News NOW awarded her $800 as part of its weekly series Acts of Kindness.

If you have someone you want to nominate for Acts of Kindness, visit our website or email us.

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