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FTC Shuts Down Long-Running Tech. Support Phone Scam

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LAS VEGAS - One of the oldest phone scams of the new millennium may finally be over.

Since 2008, people have been receiving phone calls from scammers claiming they work for Microsoft Tech. Support. The caller says he or she can fix the respondent's computer problems for $450. Some people say they receive such calls weekly.

Thanks to the Federal Trade Commission, no one will ever fall victim again. The FTC has finally cracked down on the people behind the scam.

Investigators learned the scam artists, based in India, were operating 14 different companies. The FTC slapped seventeen individuals with restraining orders - shutting down the operation.

As quickly as that scam was squashed, however, another one is hitting the valley.

If you find a pop-up on your screen saying your computer has been shut down by the FBI, and you must pay $200 to unlock it, ignore the warning.

If you click the pop-up and pay the money, you are giving money to scam artists who will put malware on your computer. The FBI and 8 on Your Side have received numerous calls regarding this scam.

If you have a consumer complaint you wish to have investigated, call 8 on Your Side at 650-1907 or email us.

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