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Metro's Internal Review Clears Officers in 3 Shootings

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Marc Hull, 25 Marc Hull, 25
Bernard Pate, 37 Bernard Pate, 37
Jason Baires, 23 Jason Baires, 23

LAS VEGAS -- Metro Police's Office of Internal Oversight has released summaries of three officer-involved shootings that resulted in the death of three suspects in September and November 2011 and February 2012. The officers involved in the shootings were all found justified in their actions.

Marc Hull, 25

On Sept. 9, 2011, a Walmart Loss Prevention officer called Metro to report a suspicious man and woman filling two carts with high-priced electronics.

Metro officers responded and were watching the couple at the checkout lane try to pay for the $5,000 worth of goods with a credit card that was being declined.

The cashier called the Walmart officer and told him that the man would not provide identification to verify the name on the credit card.

Two of the Metro officers went to the electronics area to speak with the couple. The man was identified as Marc Hull. The officers began walking Hull and the woman with him to the store's security office. As they were walking, Officer John Abel tried to pat down the front of Hull's waistline to check for weapons. Hull pushed away from the officer, pulled a handgun from his waistband and pointed it at Abel. He then turned to face Officer Michael Ramirez and shot him.

 Both officers then drew their handguns and fired at Hull as he ran toward the front of the store. Hull fell to the floor and continued shooting at the officers. Another officer who was in the store at the time saw Hull pull the gun on Ramirez and shoot him. The officer, Corey Staheli, drew his gun, and saw Hull running towards him with his gun pointing at him. Hull then turned to run toward the cash registers. Officer David Williams, who had also responded to the store, began firing at Hull. Another officer, Beaumont Hopson, also began shooting at Hull.

Hull then fell to the ground and was later declared dead at the University Medical Center's trauma center.

The internal review that the officers "were justified in their use of deadly force, and acted within the scope of department policy when confronted by an armed subject. The officers performed quickly, under stress, and showed courage in confronting an armed suspect, although an officer had been injured by gunfire."

Bernard Pate, 37

In the case of Bernard Pate, Metro gang crimes officers were at Karen Pines Apartment Complex, 4450 E. Karen Avenue, late Nov. 21, 2011, when they say the man sitting alone in a children's play area wearing red clothes, which is known to police as a sign of gang affiliation.

As officers approached, Pate walked quickly away from officers around buildings in the complex and knocked on a door that no one answered.

The officers determined that his behavior was suspicious and tried to speak with him. When Detective Casey Clarkson started to speak with Pate, the man began to run away. Clarkson chased him through the complex onto Karen Avenue, when Pate tripped and fell into the street. Pate then pointed a small semi-automatic handgun at Clarkson, got back up on his feet and continued running while pointing the gun at Clarkson. Clarkson then shot at Pate, who fell to the ground. As Clarkson was assessing Pate's reaction, Pate got back up on his feet and pointed his gun at the officer again. Clarkson then fired his gun again and killed Pate.

According to the internal review, the Use of Force Review Board found Clarkson "acted appropriately in the face of grave danger and his actions were commendable."

Jason Baires, 23

Just before midnight Jan. 31, 2012, Metro homicide detail officers and members of the Criminal Apprehension Team attempted to take Jason Baires into custody in connection with a murder he was accused of committing. When officers found Baires in a car driven by his girlfriend, the officers tried to stop the car. Baires got out of the car, ran south on Michael Way and pointed a handgun at detectives and agents as they chased him, according to the internal review.

When Detective Thomas Faller saw Baires pointing the gun at officers, he hit Baires with his unmarked police car and pinned Baires left arm under the car's right front tire. As two detectives approached Baires, he used his right hand and fired the gun, hitting Detective Gregory Theobald. The detectives fired back at Baires, killing him.

"Based on the review of the available materials and the application of Nevada law to the known facts and circumstances surrounding the death of Jason Baires, it is determined that the actions of Detectives Theobald, Faller and Rowlett were justified to stop the escalation of violence by the decedent and protect the officers and others at the scene," the internal review said.

The Clark County District Attorney's office earlier determined that the three officer-involved shootings were "not criminal in nature," according to reports released Aug. 20.

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