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10/3/12 Skydiving with Stephanie

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Right across from the TV station there's a place called "Indoor Skydiving".  Dave Courvoisier's been looking for just the right Wed's Child to take there for a fun shoot, and we finally found that person in 'Stephanie'.

Sounds interesting...

But do they really do that in there?

Yup...but we're getting way ahead of ourselves.

First...meet Stephanie, an eager, energetic 13 yr old who can scarcely believe her eyes.  But... To be able to do this:

You first have to sit for a safety video...

And be instructed by a trainer...

And Stephanie is not the most patient person in the world...and even though her worker says she wants to be a YouTube star...she was amazingly afraid of the camera.

"She's very shy is very anxious and nervous and when she gets very nervous she gets very secluded and she gets a little timid little shy however off-camera she'll talk about this for days she will go nonstop to say how much fun it was how excited she is unfortunately you have to kind of look past the little bit that you see of her timid and shy and hiding from the camera," says Miko, her C.A.S.A. worker.

Finally over her shy-ness, Stephanie got suited up, gloves, helmet 'n' all, and stepped into the air tunnel... Ready to fly.

Clearly excited about what she had just done, Stephanie was nonetheless understated:

"The flying yeah I was having a hard time keeping myself up and I felt like it was going to be too hard and it was hard for me to keep myself up and I couldn't really breathe because the air was blowing in my mouth," says Stephanie.

Stephanie is a great kid. Very creative. Full of life, doing well in school, and lots of energy.

"She's very into sports she's very active she's an amazing runner.  She runs so fast basketball soccer she is very active," adds Miko.

...And adoption?

"Yes she's very very excited. She wants to be adopted. She talks all the time about leaving the home that she's in to go and create another family," admits Miko.

Stephanie is free and clear for adoption...and would be a wonderful addition to an active family.  If you think you might be the right home for her, please call the local office of the adoption exchange now at 436-6335.
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