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9/26/12 Two Sisters and a Brother Seeking One Home

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Today's Wednesday's Child is a sibling set of three....two sisters and a brother.  To each other, they're rock stars,  and as Dave Courvoisier shows us...we get to see them like rock stars too.

We're back at My Rock Star Party where Helen and Victoria got a make over last week.  This week, it's Denashia, Juni'a and Junmarion....

Junmarion arrived first, and showed us a few dance moves on the stage...

You'll find that Junmarion is almost always wearing a smile.

"I think he's pretty easy-going, and he's a happy guy, he likes to be around other people, I've been told he's doing really well in school right now...um, first two weeks at school, no incidents," says Tracie of DFS.

"He's softhearted," says his sister Juni'a

"Denashia and her sister Juni'a live together -- now -- but only see their brother once a week... Which is why they want to find an adoptive home together.

"Because without my brother or my sister, our family isn't complete," says Denashia.

The oldest of the three is Juni'a.

"Juni'a...she's quieter from what I've always learned about the two girls.  She's a thinker, will think things through...will consider things before jumping through," adds Tracie.

Denisha on the other hand, has a wonderful attitude, and speaks for all three when she says: "I would like parents that I could practically understand, how I feel when I'm sad...because  some foster parents that I've been to, they don't get how it feels to be separated from my brothers and sisters."

"We need a strong, a strong home, a home that can stick with the kids, a home that can give themselves and the kids a chance to fall in love with one another, a chance to be a family." adds Tracie.

If you think there's room in your home for these three, please call the local office of the Adoption Exchange at 436-6335.  These three are waiting.
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