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Casino Industry Relies on Updated Security Technology

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LAS VEGAS --  From casino cheats to robbers with visions of a high-dollar heist, criminals are always trying new ways to rip off Las Vegas casinos.

Technology is always adapting to catch the bad guys. The Global Gaming Expo, or G2E as it's known, includes just about everything related to the gaming world. It's taking place this week in Las Vegas.

When Anthony Carleo, the so-called "Biker Bandit" ran out of the Bellagio with $1.5 million in chips, the cameras were rolling. From one of the most famous casinos in the world to a small neighborhood gambling hall, a desperate criminal sees opportunity in a casino. An entire section at the G2E is devoted to surveillance and security.

"The protection of the guest comes first," said Gary Powell, Cyrun.

Powell and Glen Haimovitz are with the security company Cyrun. Their products are used in some of the largest casinos in the world to keep tabs on everything from cheating, to banned patrons, and to employee theft. 

"It's never going to stop. Where ever there's a lot of money and the temptation, with the public as well as employees," Powell said.

"Many of the casino people here are former FBI agents or former law enforcement. They're used to tracking criminals. They're used to identifying crimes, and this enables them to do this a lot easier," Glen Haimovitz said.

Smart phone apps are also being used to beat unsuspecting casinos.

"We would install our devices in a gaming table to detect when cheats are using concealed cell phones in their pocket," said George O'Dowd, Cellbusters.

While some casinos use the latest technology, others are lagging behind.

"Some of the casinos are still running with what they call analog recording. And that means they're still running VCRs, and that's a challenge," said Greg Tomasko, Honeywell.


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