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Caution Urged When Buying Tickets from Scalpers

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LAS VEGAS - Justin Bieber is performing at MGM Grand Sunday. Tickets are available online, but they're going to cost you. If you don't have tickets, you may have thought about scalping some at the venue, but beware.

The Better Business Bureau has reported a new scam in which scalpers sell you tickets that look legitimate, but are actually fake. Scammers are using Photoshop to make the tickets. If you buy one, you'll be out of luck.

The Better Business Bureau of Las Vegas says you can take steps to ensure your scalped ticket is legitimate.

"You want to actually go up and have them scan the ticket next to you before you hand over the cash to make sure they haven't already been used," said Katie Robison with the Better Business Bureau.

If it is a real ticket, the scalper will want to sell it and will likely agree to having it scanned. People should be leery of a scalper who won't do it.

Additionally, if you have an extra ticket you want to sell, don't try selling it for more than the printed price. That's against the law in Nevada. If you get caught, you will be charged with a misdemeanor.

Even if you paid $150 for the ticket, but it is only worth $80, by law, you're supposed to sell it for $80.

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