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10 Years Apart -- 3 Brothers Need 1 Home

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(Jun. 23) -- Sometimes when parents fail, older siblings take over the traditional parenting roles.  That's certainly the case with this week's Wednesday's Child trio.      

Three brothers, and one of them is about 10 years older than the other two, so he's kind of appointed himself the father figure. But he deserves to be a kid, which is why we're hoping to find the right adoptive home for all three, and let them enjoy their childhood.

Erin, Brandon and Alex met Dave at the Las Vegas SportsPark in Summerlin, and he turned them loose on the jumping gym first thing, hoping it'd help them get rid of lots of excess energy.  It didn't work, but they certainly had lots of fun. Dave opted to just watch.


Afterwards, Dave was helping Brandon on with his shoes, and something unexpected happened -- he fell backwards on his bottom. "More surprised than hurt, all this 2-year-old needed was a little reassurance, and he was back up and at 'em," Dave said.


Yes, that’s right, he’s just 2.  Brandon is a little bigger, but a year younger than his brother Alex.
“Alex is pretty strong-willed. U m, he's not as tough as Brandon is, I think Brandon's a little tougher than Alex, but he's also very sweet and likes hugs and likes affection,” says Carrie, their DCFS caseworker.

Whatever we did at the SportsPark -- video games, soccer or air hockey -- older brother Erin was not far away.  The three have a unique relationship, healthy and supportive.

“Actually, it's not as normal of a sibling relationship as you would see.  They don't really fight.  The younger two fight a little bit, but Erin is very -- more like a father figure to them, and is very protective of them,” adds Carrie.

Dave asks of Erin, “Why do you want to be with them? They're a lot younger than you. To watch them?” You kinda feel responsible for them?”  Erin nods his agreement.

These three brothers are living together with a foster mother who's older and can't adopt. It 's okay for now, but it's not permanent. They just need a really good loving home where they can all stay together and remain really close as siblings.

A two-parent home would be perfect, but single-parents would be considered, especially a father.

If you think you'd maybe you'd like to give it a try, call the Adoption Exchange at 800-451-5246 to get the process going.

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