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Precautions Urged Regarding Voter Registrations

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LAS VEGAS - The deadline to register to vote is rapidly approaching, but one valley woman grew concerned when her attempt to register didn't go as planned.

Just about everywhere you turn these days, you'll find a booth set up to register to vote. Jamie Makaron of Summerlin, however, felt she wasn't being treated fairly by a registration booth because of her party affiliation.

"Once I got down to the affiliation, after I finished, the lady handed me the form back," she said. "I thought that's strange. ‘Can I leave the form with you?' She said, ‘No, you can take it, mail it.'"

Feeling slighted and that an injustice may have occurred, she contacted 8 on Your Side. It turns out the registration booth did not do anything legally wrong. According to Secretary of State Ross Miller, the person running the booth did the more responsible thing.

He says it's best not to put your trust in a third party to mail in your registration. He says every year, there are allegations of misconduct.

"Frankly, if I was an individual voter out there who just filled it out, I wouldn't give my form to a third party group," he said. "We've had incidents where if they don't like the party that you are registering for, they throw it away. That's a felony, but I would rather mail it in myself and be assured that my voter registration was going to be taken care of."

Miller also suggests tracking your registration.

"All of those forms have a tracking number on them. It is supposed to list the name of the person who is assisting the voter by filling it out," he said. "So, we are able to track that. We've had instances of criminal investigations taking place based on those receipts."

While Jamie may have felt slighted, she received her voter registration card in the mail Monday.

"We are all Americans, and I know we have gotten to a place that (there) are sore losers if their side isn't winning," she said. "I think what we have to remember is, as Americans, this country was based on ‘We the People.'"

Voters have until October 6th to register to vote for the 2012 general election. People can register and track their registration on the Clark County Election Department website.

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