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9/19/12 Sisters Helen & Victoria Are Ready for Permanency

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Being a rock star is a pretty irresistible thing for kids these days.  In this week's Wednesday's Child, we did the best we could to approximate the experience.  Dave Courvoisier introduces us to sisters Helen and victoria.

Even "playing" like a rock star requires some preparation... And 11-yr-old Helen and almost 10-yr-old sister Victoria were up for the challenge.

These two have been in foster care for a long time -- through many changes - and have learned to rely on each other above all else.

"It's imperative to keep them together, extremely bonded to each other, although like any sibling group, they may not always get along...they do take up for each other, and love to have that time together," says Lance, an adoption recruiter with Clark County's Division of Family Services.

When I asked Helen what kind of adoptive home she wanted, she didn't mince words:  "Well...I would like to have a home that's safe environment....and um, I would like to have a mom and dad who's kind and considerate, and um, yeah," says Helen.

Victoria was not very talkative for the camera, although she did beam and smile when talking about her older sister: "I know her favorite color is green, and she likes music," adds Victoria.

"They like to do activities that young girls like to do, they like to go shopping..Victoria really likes to go swimming...um, Helen prefers dancing... As one of her activities," adds Lance.

These two are deserving and ready for a permanent home... Parents who understand them.

"Girls with a lot of love to give, just looking for that, that solid family to be there with them through the tough and the good times, and provide that structure and caring," encourages Lance.

Helen and Victoria are bonded together, and they're free for adoption, so if you think there's room in your home for both of them, please call the local office of the Adoption Exchange now at 436-6335.
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